Choose from a variety of services offered and enjoy a serene view of the South Harbor Marina. Listen to the sailboats sing in a comfortable, eccentric location that was created with a specific vision in mind, and attention to detail.

Named after the words "Las Olas," meaning "The Waves" in Spanish. Let the waves wash over you and leave feeling refreshed, renewed and relaxed.

Las Olas Skin and Body was created to cater to each clients specific needs, in order to achieve maximum results and meet expectations. I promise to provide you with quality treatments & products that are beneficial to you. Guiding you on your skincare journey. If unsure about which services to choose, please contact me and I can guide you in the correct direction. 


Ashley Krahn

(910) 523 0804

About Me.

My name is Ashley Krahn and I'm the owner and operator of Las Olas Skin and Body, LLC.

Opening this unique space has been a dream come true. I've always had a love for art and beauty which led me to opening my first business Krahn 

Xreations in 2013. I began making jewelry but eventually the business 

morphed into more. I began making handmade soy wax candles, soaps, body scrubs, and 

serums using essential oils and 100% organic ingredients to sell at the local farmers markets.


I fell in love with learning about helpful ingredients and the benefits those ingredients have on the skin and body. After struggling with acne, I decided to to see an esthetician to help with my personal concerns. I had tried every single product I thought possible, and had almost lost 

hope. However, the esthetician was able to guide me in the right direction helping me easily  understand how to properly take care of my skin, and which skincare products would be most beneficial. I saw a significant difference in my skin immediately, and after a series of monthly treatments, my skin continued to improve with less breakouts, and hyperpigmentation lightened up noticeably. I received a facial once a month, and committed to the specific skincare regimen provided by the esthetician. I decided to open Las Olas Skin and Body after dealing with my own skincare problems. This set me on the path to skincare and becoming an esthetician, and mostly to help others feel their absolute best.


Las Olas Skin and Body, LLC.

5001 O'Quinn Blvd. unit E

Southport, NC 28461