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Orchid Flowers
Orchid Flowers



90 min $126 

Dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, buildup, peach fuzz & increase product penetration! This facial provides beautiful results, revealing brand new glowing skin. 


double cleanse + steam + dermaplaning + extractions + high frequency + hand picked serums + customized Hydrojelly or cream mask + hand & arm massage + finishing products 


90 minutes $160

 A client favorite! 


Provides instant results by using an all new, professional grade device that gently exfoliates & extracts impurities from the skin all while infusing hand-picked serums deep into the skin filled with antioxidants, peptides, & hyaluronic acid.  Reduces the appearance of dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads, acne, scarring, aging, large pores, uneven texture & hyperpigmentation (sun damage).



Double cleanse + steam + gentle hydro-dermabrasion for exfoliation + extractions + high frequency + hand picked serums + customized Hydrojelly or cream mask + hand & arm massage + finishing products 


Great for all skin types including, oily, dry, dehydrated, combination & normal.

Tropical Leaves 9


Rezenerate Nano-Fusion

90 minutes $160 

Delivering immediate results, The Rezenerate facial uses “acupressure” to stimulate blood flow & collagen. Created for ALL skin types, & to achieve short & long term skincare goals, this treatment can be done as often as 10-14 days apart. This treatment uses one of the most safe, non-invasive FDA approved, beauty devices on the market today! It has a unique approach to repair the skin and deliver nutrients without pain, discomfort, downtime, or the costs of more invasive medical procedures. 


Skin may feel a little sensitive for up to 24 hours after this service. It is recommended not to sweat for 24-48 hours after this treatment.



double cleanse + extractions + nano infusion of customized serums + high frequency + customized Hydrojelly or cream mask + hand & arm massage + cold globe massage (cryotherapy) + finishing products

Colorful Bird


90 minutes $126

Using a professional grade diamond microdermabrasion device, this treatment stimulates blood circulation, promotes collagen production, cleans & removes dead skin, using all natural elements and minerals. Reduces the appearance of pores, acne scarring, uneven skin texture, & hyperpigmentation (sun damage). Leaves the skin hydrated, smooth & glowing.


double cleanse + microdermabrasion treatment + extractions + high frequency + customized Hydrojelly or cream mask + hand & arm massage + finishing products



90 minutes $126

This treatment is for anyone struggling with acne. Acne can be debilitating, causing self-esteem issues, scarring, infections, physical & emotional pain. This facial targets acne by using result driven techniques. Each client will be given a suggested "at home" skincare regimen & tips to help reduce complications with acne long term. This treatment is completely customized for each client to best fit their specific concerns, & is only for those who are ready to make a positive change. 


double cleanse + steam + selected treatment + extractions + high frequency + customized hydrojelly or cream mask + hand & arm massage + finishing products


Relaxing Back Treatment 

65 minutes $100

This is a great alternative for clients who enjoy a massage but want to also focus on skin health, back acne, blackheads, dryness, clearing clogged pores, & easing muscle tension. This treatment includes : deep cleanse + exfoliation + extractions if needed + high frequency + light massage + serums + hydrating mask + finishing products.

Tropical Flower


Brow Lamination $78

This process fills in any gaps there might be in your brows while helping with stubborn hairs that grow in odd directions. This is the ultimate solution for eyebrows that do not have symmetry and where the hairs follow a different pattern. This realigns the brows to give them your desired shape. It creates a fuller look in a noninvasive way. Can also be paired with Brow tinting to create a fully polished brow and lasts approximately a month to a month and a half. Also this product is made with a new protein composition based on liquid keratin and silicone which encourages brow growth creating a protective film around the hair.


Brow Tint $36

Using a special type of brow tint+dye, the brow hairs & skin underneath are tinted to create a more "filled in" brow finish. This process shapes & defines the natural arch. Great for those who spend a lot of time filling in their brows with makeup, for those with sparse brows & for those with lighter colored brows (blonde/grey). Brows will feel "bold" for the first 4-5 days & will lighten up over the coarse of 3-5 weeks. The tint will only last on the skin for around 7-10 days but the brow hairs will remain tinted. 


Complete Brow Package $96

Includes : Lamination + Tint + Wax for a complete brow makeover. 


Lash Lift (includes tint) $90

An alternative to lash extensions and an upgrade to traditional lash perming, Lash lifting lifts, straightens or curls your lashes, giving your lashes a brighter, fuller, wide eyed look. This will last 5-6 weeks & a lash tint is included in this service.


Lash Tint $26

Leave your mascara behind with this combination, lasting 3-5 weeks.


Lash & brow combo package $166

Includes : Brow Lamination + Tint + Wax with a Lash Lift & Tint.


Brows $20

Lip $12

Chin $15

Nose $12

Nape of neck $25

Cheeks $25

Half Arm $30

Full Arm $55

Half Leg $35

Full Leg $65

Back $65

Underarms $25

Bikini Wax $50

Brazilian Wax $65

Brazilian Wax with Hydrojelly mask $75

Brazilian Wax with Hydrojelly mask & high frequency $85


Individual results vary based on current tooth shade and treatment time.

Average shade improvement is 4 to 14 shades.


Easy Three Step Process


Whitening gel is applied to upper and lower teeth.


LED cool blue light is positioned to accelerate whitening process.


In just 15 to 45 minutes teeth are 4-14 shades brighter.

- Natural, Plant & Mineral Based
- Fast, Effective, & Painless
- Immediate Results
- Enamel Strengthening Qualities

- Made in the USA

- No preservatives

DaVinci’s method is a light accelerated teeth whitening system, using LED blue light and our natural, plant and mineral based laser whitening gel to safely remove staining from your teeth in 1 treatment.

(1 treatment = 4 sessions = 1 appointment)


DaVinci Whitening works great on stains caused by tobacco, foods, beverages, and discoloration due to age.


Although tetracycline and fluoride staining can not be removed completely, we typically see great results with this type of staining.


DaVinci whitening will remove stains from crowns, fillings, veneers, etc. but will not lighten them beyond their original color. Our whitening products do not damage existing dental work.


Everyone’s teeth are different, so depending on how porous your teeth are, how white you want to be, and what your staining is; you may choose up to four 20 minute applications in a single whitening session. For extended long term results, you may choose to use the DaVinci Home Care Maintenance Kit and/or Touch-up Pen for on the GO maintenance.


DaVinci product is made by DaVinci

in the USA and is FDA Compliant.


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